A Shopper's Guide to: The Best Brands To Shop on Poshmark

Even if you aren't a brand snob about your clothing, I am willing to bet you have that one t-shirt dress from J. Crew, or that pair of comfy pants from Aerie you wish you could copy 1000x and wear every day. But you would probably never buy another, until the one you have wears out right? because lets face by brand is PRICEY. But it doesn't always have to be. Resellers everywhere are making it way easier for those of us who love to shop specific brands, styles, etc by finding the rejects and giving them the opportunity to find us.

First thing to clear up; when I say "rejects" I don't mean damaged goods. I don't mean Sally wore her free people lounge pants down to threadbare, with holes in the hem and now is kindly offering them to us for 50% off retail....NO. Although you WILL see stuff like that, just ignore it.

Rejects just means they ended up in the "last season heap" of a major department store, or were returned for a bad fit, or Sally tried it on and it was too snug but was a last chance clearance with no returns so she donated it to goodwill, new with tags. Sometimes it means those $200 jeans were worn just enough times to not be stiff anymore but have years of incredibly comfy life left in them. You will find that often in the clothing world, society rejects are where the treasures lie. That's kind of true with people too if you think about it.

Below I'm going to share with you a treasure trove list of brands you can find a billion of on Poshmark for a tiny fraction of their retail value. These are brands that are WIDELY popular and expensive! Your favorite brand might be in this list!! But because of their saturation in the resale market, sellers let them go for prices you will widen your eyes at. So if you are a fan of any of the brands in this list- You may want to run over to posh and see if any of your favorite styles are ripe for the picking.

1. Madewell- My all time favvvvv! While some pieces still go for a good amount, the majority of basics are significantly cheaper than you'd ever ever get them in store. I just bought a pair of super cute High rise copper orange colored shorts, NEW WITH TAGS for $22. Madewell happens to be my all time favorite brand so I browse the available listings pretty frequently. I will say a good majority of my closet is from Madewell and all but 1 or 2 were bought on Poshmark for ridiculously good prices. (Hint: if you haven't tried Madewell, a good place to start is their whisper cotton Crewneck Tees. SWOON.)

2. American Eagle- Not necessarily what comes to mind when you think high end clothing, right? BUT- Have you ever shopped in an American Eagle?? I rest my case. I always find a million things I want but the prices almost always send me out empty handed. AE is a brand with a huge cult following but not valuable enough to go for a lot on Poshmark. You'll find Lots of new with tags and like new items for crazy affordable prices. I have found the best way to shop AE on Poshmark is to search for specific styles, especially in jeans.

3. Free People- I'm putting this one on the list because of the SHEER VOLUME of clothing Free People produces, and the massive following they have as a brand. Once again it comes down to Over saturation and you can hardly scroll your feed for a minute before seeing free people on Poshmark. This is a HUGE benefit to free people fans. Any style you've seen and wanted is likely listed on Poshmark somewhere, or will be in a day or so if you wait it out. You can get $118 outfit sets for $40 and $140 dresses for $55. Look for more basic items, and it goes even cheaper! I've heard a lot of people in my fashion experience talk about free people like "i love their look but their prices are just.....insane." These people have all promptly been introduced to Poshmark.

4. Anthropologie.....All the brands- Never has their been a more fashionable, simply elegant, aesthetic, happy vibe place to shop than Anthropologie. I'm convinced. HOWEVER, not all of us can drop $165 on the softest tee shirt we've ever touched or the most fabulous printed skirt. Want in on a hobby of mine? Walk through Anthro and take notes/snap a photo of the pieces you want to buy desperately. Then once you leave look em up on Poshmark and see if they are listed. If they aren't from the clearance rack you might not find a good deal right away but keep checking back if its something you truly must have....for less than a small fortune. Anthropologie also has a TON of brands that they carry. I mean....a TON. so if you become familiar with which ones tend to be more rare and stay expensive even on posh, vs the brands that are plentiful and selling for low low prices on Poshmark, you can score some gorgeous anthropologie pieces for so much less!!!

5. Lululemon- This one can be trickier to find really and truly low prices because there are a lot of rare/limited edition styles that don't lose their value. but if you filter "lowest price first" you can find all sorts of lightly worn leggings/tops/sports bras for up to 75% off retail.

There are just endless brands like this... I could go on all day.

If you're not a Poshmark shopper already, I hope this gave you some ideas on why you totally should be shopping on Poshmark, and maybe you're already over there typing in your own favorite brands to see what you can find. Keep in mind, for those of you who aren't fond of thrifting/ buying secondhand-there is a PLETHORA of Brand new with tags clothing on Poshmark; We personally have TONS of brand new high end brands over at Wilder Peach Threads!

If you are like me and have a limited fashion budget, AND expensive taste..... it helps to get 50% or more off retail prices so you can fill your closet with what you truly love to wear!

When you sign up for Poshmark, use referral code SHOPWILDERPEACH for a $10 credit on the app!

Happy Shopping!

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