Sustainable Does Not Equal Expensive

sus·tain·a·ble: adjective conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.

A few Years ago I had a rag tag wardrobe with little to nothing nice. I was overwhelmed by the idea of shopping, especially with a constantly changing body and constantly changing trends. What could I buy that would remain timeless and NOT fade into a pilly fuzz ball after one season? (I'm looking at you, walmart tops) I was crazy about every new release Madewell sent out, but the prices....they just weren't realistic for our tight budget.

Today I have a closet filled with higher end items that i LOVE. Mostly consisting of my beloved Madewell! I still struggle with figuring out what to wear...but its because I love it all instead of hate it all. (hint, its a good problem to have.) This didn't happen because I suddenly had a bigger budget or maxxed out credit cards....I just hopped on the carousel of sustainable shopping.

The world at large has figured out that shopping in a sustainable fashion is an easy and forthright way to make a dent in the massive amounts of waste we produce on a daily basis.

But also for most of us, a $450 Linen Dress doesn't fit the budget, no matter how eco friendly, handmade and cruelty free its creators are. No offense to small shops with GORGEOUS linen pieces....I LOVE YOU, and stare at your shops and practically drool.

but the average person needs more than one piece to make a wardrobe; and when you factor in size changes from pregnancy & postpartum, style changes, season changes, and just all around growth in fashion sense that comes with age, being a woman is looking a little bit like endless credit card debt. Yikes.

Don't freak out! there is another option. Shopping Seconds. Now before you raise your eyebrows and cringe at the idea of buying used clothes (I know some people have issues with that, I personally do not) just know that shopping seconds does NOT solely consist of thrifting, or buying used clothes. It also consists of shopping last season, clearance racks, store returns, etc that would otherwise be tossed into a landfill. Just picture last season's Madewell being disposed of, and WEEP WITH ME.

YES i'm saying, shopping clearance racks is sustainable. Shopping poshmark, shopping thredup, The RealReal, and Tradesy. Going to TJ Maxx is sustainable for crying out loud!!! These are all ways to save amazing clothes from meeting a sad demise, leave a lower waste profile, and if you have a good system, you can have a revolving, incredible wardrobe that you don't have to go broke for.

Wilder Peach Threads was created to meet the shopping needs of an endless variety of women shoppers. Young, old, Homebodies, adventurers, partiers, those who are professional, those who go to formal gatherings, those who are guests at weddings, those who love to go out on the town. If you can imagine it, you can shop for it, sustainably, without directly contributing to fast fashion! I mean, lets admit it, we all know last years styles are just as cute, and often still on trend (if you care about trends. I typically do not.) While you are shopping, we are taking notes, and constantly on a mission to bring in the best, freshest, most desirable brands that you actually want to see.

Now that you hopefully have a different picture of what sustainability is, and that it doesn't always involve spending ALL the money...(whew!) you can get out there and learn how to get the best bang for your buck, and give some cute clothes new life!

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